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Terms and Conditions



We would love the opportunity to introduce our company as well as myself.

My name is Charletha and I’m one the owners of Rehab Diva's Inc. and Fresh Start Maintenance Corp. 


We’re excited you choose us to do your estimate and hopefully complete your project. Unfortunately! Do to past experiences we he have a few conditions we need you to agree to.  


Please make sure you read our terms and conditions regarding your scheduled appointment.


  • If you haven't found a property as of yet and want us to provide you with an estimate of repairs before you chose to got through with the purchase. The 1st estimate is free. Each additional estimate is will cost $125 paid before the walkthrough is scheduled and will be credit towards your project if you choose to go through our services.  

  • If you are in a current contract and need an estimate of repairs we will need a copy of your contract or letter from your mortgage company stating that you are in the process of purchasing this home. 

Thank you for understanding.....


Kind Regards, 


Charletha Copes

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