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Welcome To Our
Rehab Diva's Family

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Meet the Divas.

Charletha (The Shark) And Yalanda(The favorite)

We're so excited to have the pleasure of working with you. 

Here you will find a recap of what to expect during the construction process. We understand how exciting and frustrating this process will be all at the same time. However, we're here to hold your hand throughout the entire process. Our entire team is at your service from start to finish.

Step 1: Invoice 

You're going to receive a copy of your invoice. 

The payment due will not reflect on the invoice. You can find your payment breakdown on your agreement. Click the green button at the bottom of your invoice to make your paydown payment.

Once your payment is made you will receive an updated copy of the invoice that will reflect the payment amount

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Balance Sheet
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Step 2: Agreement

The agreement will detail property address, payment, and the terms of service. We will send you the agreement electronically to sign.  

The payments will be broken down into phases. Larger projects have anywhere from 3 to 5 phase payments. 

The first payment always will be used to purchase materials and complete the demo part of the project. We will always request another phase payment when time permits.

Step 3: Payment

We accept all major credit cards, cash, cashier checks, money orders, zelle and wires. 


Depending on the time of day the wire is made we receive the payment within a few hours or instantly depending on your bank. Click on the link to find our wire information


We due understand that Zelle payments have a $2k limit. If you chose to make a couple of daily Zelle payments to fulfill your next phase payment, that is fine with us. However, if it's going to be more then 2 payments, we would prefer for you to send a wire and we cover the $30 fee. 

Pay Link

There is a green button at the bottom of your invoice you can use to make a payment.


What is a pay link you may ask? A paylink is through our credit card processer. The link allows you to make all of your phase payments online. It typically take around 24 to 48 hours for that payment to clear our processer depending on the time and business day you make the payment. 

Chasier Checks and Money Orders

We will have to wait for your Checks, Cashiers Checks and Money Orders to clear before getting started 

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